I speak here {^_^}

Hello, I’m Priyanka Saggu.

And I’m in my process of learning everyday.

To give a little excerpt from the learnings so far, here is who I’m:

  • A rsesourceful DevOps enthusiast, having experience working with highly distributed infrastructure on hybrid cloud platforms.
  • Having an years long experience as a DevOps Engineer, I’ve been writing fully automated product releases, with minimal interference on the client enterprise end.
  • As a summer trainee at Dgplug, I’ve learnt
    • how to set up and manage multiple Linux-based servers. (Actually, dgplug is from where all my DevOps learning started :))
    • how to write Infrastructure as Code(IaC) to automate setting up of tightly-secured and SSH-hardened systems/servers.
    • how to manage multi-cluster (micro-services) applications in an On-Premise Deployment setup. Further expanding to Cluster (and other included resources) monitoring, health-checks, alerts, managing updates/upgrades and finally Disaster Recovery (basically backup and restore mechanism).
  • And I’m an Outreachy’19 alumna at GNOME Foundation too.

You could checkout my resume here.

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Thanks for reading!